7 Signs of a Quality Wedding Gown

Every bride wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day, but not all brides know how to go about choosing a gown that has all the best qualities.

Here’s a fact: your wedding gown is most likely the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever purchase. So, how do you make sure that you have selected the highest quality gown that fits within your budget?

  1. Pay attention to the fabrics—natural fabrics such as silk and silk blends indicate a higher quality gown than a gown that is constructed from mostly or all synthetic materials. This applies to all layers of the gown, so look underneath the gown too and notice what kinds of fabrics are used.
  2. Look at the seams—are they visible through the fabric? Most wedding gown designs look better with hidden seams, especially if the fabric or lace has a pattern. Visible seams (that are not a part of the design of the dress) or mismatched patterns at the seams are a sign of lower quality.
  3. Check the beading—higher quality elements are sewn in, not glued, and hand-sewn is a sign of a more high-end gown than machine-stitched beading.
  4. Give the lace some attention—Does it feel stiff or soft? Softer is usually a sign of better quality. Does the pattern repeat in a pleasing way? Is the repeat even/symmetrical on all sides of the dress?   Is there a finished edge to the lace? All these are signs of superior quality.
  5. Notice the feel of the dress—does it itch or make you hot? Better quality fabrics and construction usually provide a softer feel and more breathability, which makes your gown more comfortable.
  6. Pay attention to the fit—this doesn’t mean the size, but rather the way specific elements fit your body. For example, do the bust cups enhance your natural curves or make you look like you are wearing armor? On the other hand, does the bodice instead flatten you out and have no curvature at all?
  7. Search for small details or customizations—an off-the-rack gown from a big-box retailer won’t have the same level of quality or special details a boutique can offer. Couture gowns often offer customizable options for you as well. Want a different strap or another color of beading? Want this top with a different skirt? Some designers will allow these kinds of customizations, while volume retailers will not.

Paying attention to these elements during your bridal appointment will help ensure that you not only purchase a beautiful gown, but also that you have selected a gown that will last—maybe even until the day your daughter wants to try it on for her wedding!